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So sweet of you to want to get something to make me (and you) smile!


Below I have gift card and wish list options available! If you don't know what to pick, a gift card is always a great option! It's not the price of the gift but the thought that counts!


If you would like to see pics of me in a specific type of outfit, feel free to see if I have something similar on my wish list!

If not, send me an idea of what your looking for and I can add it or you can send it directly to my address below!

Please be sure to have introduced yourself and I'll send you 5 pics of me with purchased item. If lingerie, robe, shoes, socks, panties or anything else that may be of interest to others (or you) I will post a more extensive photo/video  set or physical item for sale in my Lucy Land Shop!

Wardrobe request? Want pics of me in a certain look? Just want to make me smile?

Check out my FASHION NOVA wishlist! You can either order something and bring it with you, or send me an e gift card to my email address:

no refunds

Express GC


Macy*s GC


Target GC


Travel Deposit/GC


Apple GC

Victoria Secret/PINK GC




Amazon GC


Nordy's GC

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